Streamgineer welcomes Lai Switchboards

Streamgineer Pty Ltd welcomes Lai Switchboards to its portfolio of clients.

Streamgineer Pty Ltd is excited to welcome Lai Switchboards to our client family. 

Melbourne, Victoria—May 18, 2015

Streamgineer Pty Ltd announced today that they are working together with Lai Switchboards, by providing a configuration of Streamgineer® to improve the lead time and quality in their Electrical Switchboards manufacturing.

The partnership comes as a result of increased demand from the electrical industry’s customers for faster production times and standardised electrical drawings. Using Streamgineer®, an online tool that can generate full and complex electrical and mechanical designs in minutes, Lai Switchboards can now reduce its design and quoting time from days to minutes. This allows them to achieve a significant increase in productivity.

The way of doing things in the electrical industry are constantly changing in response to the strong and growing demand from the industry and consumers for secure and efficient electrical equipment. Because Streamgineer® is configured to suit the exact requirements of the customer, changes can be made to evolve with the demands of the market and industries can maintain the design process consistent and instantaneous, thus freeing up valuable resources and improving quality.

About Lai Switchboards

Lai Switchboards Australia, part of Lai Industries Pty Ltd, is one of the industry’s largest and highly experienced switchboard manufacturers. With a wide range of electrical switchboards for Power Distribution, Motor Control Centres, Generation Synchronising, Energy Management and Power Factor Correction. Lai Switchboards Australia is an innovator in switchboard technology and combines this with a rock-solid reputation for design, reliability and build quality.

Lai Switchboards
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