About Us

We are an energetic software and services company focused on providing bottom-line savings to our customers.

Streamgineer® was born in 2013 out of the need of the electrical industry to reduce the estimating and design times for their products, while at the same time maintaining complete accuracy.

Our collective experience in electrical/mechanical design and our extensive knowledge of software development allowed us to produce a unique product that satisfies the growing demand for design time reduction and overall design & estimating process optimisation.

Coupled with our passion for Research and Development, we aim to always bring the latest technologies to Streamgineer®.

Through Streamgineer®, industries can maintain the design process consistent and instantaneous, thus freeing up valuable resources and improving quality.

Employees don’t require any training on how to build all the necessary design rules and how to maintain the product once configuration is completed. We do all the work for them.

Streamgineer® is a global company with offices in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Our Values



We build software for humans.

We believe with passion that our software products should be intuitive and extremely easy to use. We build software for humans, not machines.


We are a team.

We succeed as a team and we fail as a team. Together we are more than the sum of our parts.

Continuous Improvement.

We always look for ways to improve on how we do things. We are truly committed to innovation and excellence, even if that means rebuilding from scratch.

Embrace the change.

We look forward to each step of our evolution and we adapt to all changes with minimal effort.